Beetroot Veggie Rice

Beetroot is one of the most healthiest vegetables out there and the pink color it bleeds to dishes is a pretty sight. This recipe is one for the health conscious people but at the same time ensuring that taste and flavor are not compromised. Peas and corn add to the different colors in this dish….

Broccoli,Mushrooms & Tomatoes

Broccoli and Mushrooms are probably 2 of the tastiest vegetarian options out there. As a meat lover, there are few vegetables that can take the place of meat. These two fit the bill and when paired with juicy tomatoes for that tangy flavor, it becomes a beautiful dish, one I would maybe even choose over…

Peas Masala Curry

There’s always peas involved in any scene of a movie where the parents make sure that their kids are eating their veggies. While it is fine to eat it steamed or boiled with some tasty protein as the main course, it is even more delicious when paired with Indian spices and flavors in a curry….