Chocolate Brownie Shake

{Recipe} Chocolate brownie shake INGREDIENTS: Chocolate cake/Chocolate brownie-200gms Milk powder-2tbsps Fresh full fat milk-1 cup Sugar(Optional-Preferably not) Cream-2tbsps PREPARATION: 1)Smash the chocolate cake or brownie into small pieces. 2)Add the above ingredients in a blender and blend to a smooth paste. Mix well. Add it to the glass. Top it off with some brownie bits….

Chocolate Coconut Flake Cake

Good Day Everyone! I’m someone with a sweet tooth and a firm believer of the saying ‘There’s always room for desserts’. Growing up, my Mom used to make a variety of desserts like Custard Jelly Pudding, Apple Pie, Mango Pudding and various cakes. Most of our (I and my siblings) birthday cakes as kids were…