About Me

Hello! My name is Sajeev Thomson Mathew. Cooking for me, is something that is synonymous with happiness. It is an activity that can make me forget all my problems. It takes my tension, my stress and my anxieties away and always put me in a better mood. My connection to cooking started as a kid. As I grew, my love for food and cooking grew as well.

I started the Instagram page (@myfoodswings) in 2016 as a fun hobby to capture and post the food that I cooked along with the recipes. Little did I know, that 3 years later, food would be such an important part of my life and something which defines me wherever I go. The journey has been incredible and the love from family, friends and followers endearing.

To have a good blog, you need to have good food paired along with good photography and of course the followers and the frequency with which you post your dishes. Also, you require a great audience to eat your food and give you constant feedback. Fortunately for me, I have most of those bases covered and I have been cooking everyday since then. Your surroundings make a difference as well. In my family, all of us have cooked for others and most of us enjoy cooking and eating food (especially my 4 year old niece who just loves eating).

Now that you know a bit about my food journey, follow my blog for more about me, exciting food preparations, recipes and lots of fun. I hope to do something more in life with respect to food and I’m excited to see where my life will be in the next 10 years. Hopefully, one where I’m surrounded with pots, pans, utensils and of course FOOD!